5 Places to Visit When in Lewis County

5 Amazing Places to Visit in Lewis County

Lewis County located in the United States of America, it’s so adventures. Spending time here with your family is a very beautiful moment. The area is surrounded by beautiful scenery, waterfalls, and wilderness. Few places can compete with this place for the beauty it has. To find out more about this we’ll take a look at five places to visit in Lewis County as follows:
•    Silver Falls
•    High Rock Lookout
•    Willapa Hills 
•    Packwood Lake 
•    Grove of Patriarch and Box Canyon

(i)Silver Falls

Are located along River Ohanapecosh oh the eastern side of Lewis county. The river flows across a stunning forest of Mount Rainier National Park. It then breaks to waterfalls called Silver Falls. It falls a height of 95 feet. The waterfall is very natural hence creating a very beautiful scenery – read article on silver springs state park oregon

(ii)Grove of the Patriarchs and Box Canyon

They’re found in Mount Rainer where it’s easy to hike in summer on Ohanapecosh and grove of Patriarchs. It is 1.1 miles long and crosses a suspended bridge and then maneuvers through some ancient stands of timber. By taking a walk on the west side of Ohanapecosh you will be able to walk through a valley that is made up of smooth glaciers after which cross a bridge over a deep box-like canyon.

(iii)Willapa Hills

Being one of the longest trails in this county, it’s a nice place where you can ride on an end. It has a stretch of 56 miles that expands to Chehalis from Chehalis. It crosses several railroad trestles thus gives you a beautiful view of Lewis County.
Some 27 miles of the trail is used for running and to take a walk since it’s flat, nice, and easy to trail. This part alternates from the pavement, then gravel, and finally to mixed surfaces in this part.
The first 5.3 miles from Hillberger Road have an adventurous start.

(iv)Packwood Lake

It is a good place for tourists to visit especially in every season except in winter. Packwood lake trail of 10 miles long is so beautiful to watch. It is 600 feet high and then it has a trail of over four miles that is characterized by old forest growth in Goat Rock Wilderness. With peaks of Goat Rocks and glimpses of Mount Rainer on the trail, it makes you enjoy the walk. During the winter you’re going to find Wildflowers blooming making it look very beautiful. Also, you find the snow peaks reflecting in spring that looks very amazing.

(v)High Rock Lookout

This is where you find very high heights. It’s located in northern Lewis County, above River Nisqually. This trail is 3 miles that are characterized by views of Mount Rainer, Mount Adam, as well as Mount Saint Helens. Here you can watch Mount Rainier which is 9,000 high, as well as 5,680 High Rock Lookout. No Mountains block your view of this trail. It offers beautiful scenery